If your idea of a perfect city vacation is to get to know the small streets and hidden details, then look no further than this exclusive tour.

This fascinatingTel-Aviv tour unfolds the story of the city: from a small garden suburb of Jaffa to the main Metropolis of Israel.
We will walk through hidden streets and secret corners around Rothschild Blvd., visit the unique buildings, and get acquainted with the various styles that assemble the city center: from the dreamy Eclectic Style buildings of the 1920’s, through the modern International Style (Bauhaus) buildings, which got the city recognition as a world heritage site of UNESCO, to today’s skyscrapers. 

Having worked at Tel-Aviv Bauhaus center for over a decade, these buildings are a part of my everyday life. i dedicated an instagram and facebook accounts all devoted to them. follow me!

Duration 1.5-2 hours


The Local | סיורים בתל-אביב


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