Neve Tzedek is considered to be the most Parisian neighborhood in the country ... It was established at the late 19th century as the first Jewish neighborhood outside the city of Jaffa and was the first step towards the establishment of the first Hebrew city in the world- Tel Aviv.
In its first years it became known as the center of culture and art in the entire Jewish community, but it also suffered years of deterioration, abandonment and neglect.

Today, the neighborhood is booming and has become the most expensive neighborhood in the city. On this Tel-Aviv tour tour we will learn about the story of the neighborhood, visit its cornerstones, walk through the enchanting alleys, the homes of some of its founders, the old Eden cinema and even the nostalgic kiosk from the early 20th century that has become a bubנly Café.

It's a fun and fascinating tour, in a picturesque environment with rich history.

Tour Duration: 1.5-2 hours